GridLine Doors are a hit!

The Barndominium doors are a hit!  Get your quote for these amazing doors at

Barndominium Doors

The A.G. Market is coming soon!!!!

When watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper do you ever find yourself asking…”where can I get one of those?”  Now depending on what that “one of those” is, there are several places to look.  The Magnolia Market ( ) online has most of what you see on the show.  Sometimes it’s Harp Design Co. ( ) that has that very incredible niche piece.  There will however be that moment during Season 3 when something special may catch your eye and you can’t find it at either location listed above.  Those items may be waiting for you at the A.G. Market (

During Season 3 Joanna Gaines had her favorite glass guy, Dustin Anderson of Anderson Glass, create some very special pieces for her clients.  As the season continues and those items are revealed on the show the A.G. Market will be making those items available for purchase on the website.  In addition to those items seen on Fixer Upper, there will be other items that Dustin and his wife, Rebekah, have designed and created together.  These items will be available for purchase anytime once the website goes live.  Be sure to check in regularly on the site for new updates, new products, and some limited numbered items.

Fixer Upper Mirrors get 43k Likes

Joanna Gaine's post about Anderson Glass gets 43k likes!!!

Joanna Gaines post about Anderson Glass gets 43k likes!!!

Fixer Upper Consult with Dustin Anderson

While season 3 filming is going on, our favorite HGTV stars depend on the expertise we provide.  While the designs are truly Chip and Joanna’s, the functionality and effectiveness are the responsibility of Anderson Glass.  There are consistently meetings like the one pictured that take place to determine what is the best fit for the Fixer Upper bathrooms.  We are working hard to ensure that what you see this fall is nothing but epic!

Chip and Joanna Gaines discussing the frameless shower design with Dustin Anderson for HGTV's Fixer Upper.

Chip and Joanna Gaines discussing the frameless shower design with Dustin Anderson for HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Season 3 of Fixer Upper Coming!

As the exclusive glass company for our friends and clients at Magnolia Homes, we are so excited about the new season.  Filming has already started and we have already met with the designers to discuss a few of the projects that already in the works! Stay tuned for some new and very innovative glass features this season!

McLane Stadium

We had the amazing opportunity to work at McLane Stadium this past fall helping the Baylor Nation get ready to open one of the most modern and efficient NCAA stadiums in the country.

McLane Stadium

McLane Stadium

McLane Stadium

What’s it like working with HGTV’s Fixer Upper?

If you haven’t heard of the show Fixer Upper on HGTV you have probably been living under a rock. If that is the case you should climb out from under the rock and get on the show! Our work relationship with Chip and Joanna Gaines goes back years. We got the call from Chip to come look at a few broken windows for a house he was going to flip. A few years later things are a little different. We now arrive to measure and meet a variety of people on the site including the awesome film and production crews. We rush to meet deadlines and we work late if necessary in order allow those epic scenes to be shot on their scheduled day. We at Anderson Glass work great under pressure and we always deliver! These houses are not your typical construction site but that’s where we work the best!

With Frameless Showers There Is Always An Option

In the glass industry there is rarely a time when we have to tell a customer that the frameless shower enclosure they have been dreaming of isn’t a possibility. More often than not, there is an option that meets the desired look the customer is wanting to achieve.

Recently, we have measured a couple of shower enclosures for glass in the Central Texas Area where the customer shares with us that they were told by another glass company that a frameless glass enclosure would not work for their shower design. In both cases we were able to quickly come up with a design that meets the customers desired look. If you are working on a new shower design or remodeling your current shower, I urge you to consult a glass expert to ensure that the design you want will fit the shower design you are laying out. More so, if you are told that it’s not possible don’t accept that as the answer. Call the experts at Anderson Glass and we will help you achieve the dream shower you want.