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Industry Over Brand

If I asked you what was more important to you, the industry you are in or your own brand what would say?  What if I told you that all your competition closed it’s doors today and you were the only business left in your industry…what would you say then?  I think that most business owners would be giddy over this fact.  No competition means I can charge what I want, take as long as I want, choose the customers I want…right?  Maybe…for awhile…but really, you’d be wrong.

Let’s step back for a minute and take a look at this scenario.  If you are the only game in town do you think that you will meet the needs of your customers?  Maybe you are an optimist like me and you answered one day.  Ok one day, but you will struggle to scale and you will make mistakes.  Let’s say at best it takes you six months to achieve the goal of scaling to need.  Do you think the customers are going to wait on you?  Do you think your mistakes are going to be overlooked?  Here is what really will happen… You will make some money very quickly because you own the market and you can charge what you want.  You will start processes to grow to meet the demands and you will spend that money that you just made.  Meanwhile, all the clients and customers that you neglected have moved on to other options and other methods to meet the need that you once filled.  Wait, what just happened?  Your desire to be the only brand has just smothered your own industry.  See humans naturally adapt and those that couldn’t get your product found something else that they might have not other wise ever looked for or used.  With every need comes a solution and someone just solved the problem of you being the only brand in your industry without even being in your industry.

I think that without acknowledging your industry first and your brand second, you are taking from your craft.  You are stealing little bits and pieces as time goes by and you are slowly smothering a trade that is your livelihood.  I think it’s important to reach out and help those in your industry survive because without them, your odds of success are less.  I have a constant concern that my industry and my trade is slowly dying.  A skillset that my dad taught me and his dad taught him is slowly fading with me and I don’t want to see that happen.  My goal is to give exposure to my industry first and then work on my brand.  At the end of the day what is your brand worth without an industry to support it?

Family Name but Family Business?

Dustin Anderson / Inventor

Custom Frameless Shower Enclosure by Anderson Glass

This customer designed shower needed an incredible frameless shower enclosure to complete it.  The end result is incredible!

Epic Shower Pre-Glass

Custom Frameless Shower Enclosure installed by Anderson Glass

Custom Frameless Shower Enclosure installed by Anderson Glass

Fixer Upper Consult with Dustin Anderson

While season 3 filming is going on, our favorite HGTV stars depend on the expertise we provide.  While the designs are truly Chip and Joanna’s, the functionality and effectiveness are the responsibility of Anderson Glass.  There are consistently meetings like the one pictured that take place to determine what is the best fit for the Fixer Upper bathrooms.  We are working hard to ensure that what you see this fall is nothing but epic!

Chip and Joanna Gaines discussing the frameless shower design with Dustin Anderson for HGTV's Fixer Upper.

Chip and Joanna Gaines discussing the frameless shower design with Dustin Anderson for HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Hydroslide by Anderson Glass

Check out this amazing frameless slider.  The Hydroslide is a great product from C.R.Laurence that allows the homeowner to have the option of the slider without the track at the bottom to clean.  Pair the clean lines of the Hydroslide with a great product like Diamon-Fusion and you have an easy to keep clean, modern slider that looks great in any bathroom!

Hydroslide by Anderson Glass

Season 3 of Fixer Upper Coming!

As the exclusive glass company for our friends and clients at Magnolia Homes, we are so excited about the new season.  Filming has already started and we have already met with the designers to discuss a few of the projects that already in the works! Stay tuned for some new and very innovative glass features this season!

With Frameless Showers There Is Always An Option

In the glass industry there is rarely a time when we have to tell a customer that the frameless shower enclosure they have been dreaming of isn’t a possibility. More often than not, there is an option that meets the desired look the customer is wanting to achieve.

Recently, we have measured a couple of shower enclosures for glass in the Central Texas Area where the customer shares with us that they were told by another glass company that a frameless glass enclosure would not work for their shower design. In both cases we were able to quickly come up with a design that meets the customers desired look. If you are working on a new shower design or remodeling your current shower, I urge you to consult a glass expert to ensure that the design you want will fit the shower design you are laying out. More so, if you are told that it’s not possible don’t accept that as the answer. Call the experts at Anderson Glass and we will help you achieve the dream shower you want.

Commitment to Central Texas

For 57 years and 3 generations, the Andersons have been working with glass in the Central Texas area.  Bill Anderson started working in the glass field in Central Texas in the late 1950’s.  Earl Anderson started as a teenager working with his father while traveling around the country installing stained glass windows for Waco’s very own L.L. Sams.  Earl continued his experience in the field working in the Central Texas market.  In 1988, Earl opened Anderson Glass behind his house and he’s never looked back.  After growing up around the business both Earl’s sons have joined the company.  Eric is currently a truck lead and Dustin is a partner in the business running the operations of the company.  When it comes to commitment in their industry and to Central Texas, this family has been providing it for over half a century.  You can count on Anderson Glass and the Anderson Family to meet your needs and provide the quality of service and product that you deserve.