framelessFrameless Shower Enclosures are rapidly becoming more popular in new construction, and remodeling. You may have seen them in upscale hotels, the parade of homes, or on shows from HGTV. Without any bottom metal track, there is substantially less build up at the base of the shower. This makes clean-up much easier. The design of less metal and clear glass gives a frameless door or enclosure the appearance of not being there. This allows the bathroom to flow into the shower and really open up the room. These doors and enclosures are an aesthetic that can make any bathroom shine.

At Anderson Glass, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the most options in glass styles, hardware finishes, and convenience products. We are able to get multiple designs in glass and we have even done custom etching on showers for our customers. We are able to adapt and come up with designs for almost any layout. Some defining restrictions are the only blueprints for a frameless enclosure.

Is an award-winning innovative technology that protects any silica- based surface such as glass, ceramic tile, porcelain and granite. DIAMON-FUSION® was developed to substantially reduce the time and effort needed to maintain such surfaces.

DIAMON-FUSION® is similar to the development of Teflon®* for cooking pans. While you can cook food in uncoated pans, it is so much easier to clean if you cook with Teflon®* coated pans. If you burn certain foods in pans without non-stick coatings, it often means that you must throw the pan away. Those same foods when cooked in a coated pan, clean up rather easily. The same is true with DIAMON-FUSION® on glass or other silica-based surfaces. While you still must maintain your DIAMON-FUSION® coated surface, the time and effort required are significantly reduced. The warmer and dirtier the water, the greater the surface tension and spotting, thus shower doors require more maintenance than other applications.

What’s special about treated surfaces is that those spots, if removed every few days, will not stick and can be easily removed with a damp washcloth. (You wouldn’t put away your Teflon®* coated pan right after you cooked in it unless you gave it a quick rinse and dry. We suggest, every few days you use a body Loofah glove or a regular body scrubber (sponge). If you do notice a slight build up of grime, simply apply a little soap to the glove or body scrubber and gently wipe over the area, then rinse off with cold water. Simple as that! And all of this can be done while you are having your shower, saving you even more time.

Glass Shower Enclosures are well known for being difficult to clean and maintain. The major cleaning product manufacturers like Proctor & Gamble and Lysol have all followed suit in bringing daily shower sprays to market. With a single application lasting for years, Diamon-Fusion® virtually eliminates the need for those daily shower sprays. With Diamon-Fusion®, all that is needed to maintain the treated glass is a splash of clean water after each shower and an occasional swipe with a body scrubber (similar to the one used with soft soap for your skin).

The Design
When it comes to the design of a shower enclosure it is important to make a design that works aesthetically with the bathroom as well as working comfortably for the user. andersonglass_singledoor

Single doors are very popular for bathrooms. This is typically the design for a shower that frees space up for the remainder of the bathroom or to add privacy to the shower. A frameless door will allow the shower to be a part of the bathroom without closing the shower off. For the private person, frameless glass comes in a variety of patterns, some of which really obscure.

Shower enclosures are an expansion of the bathroom. From a free standing shower to a shower that shares a common ledge of the bathtub, a frameless enclosure will work. Some limitations are necessary depending on the door location and hinge style. Some frameless enclosures will require a piece of metal across the top, known as a header. There have been very few shower setups that we were unable to put an enclosure on.

The final result is a beautiful, manageable enclosure that is the perfect fit for any bathroom.

FAQ’s about Frameless Showers
Q: Will the glass break if I bump into it?
A: It is not likely that bumping into the a frameless shower enclosure will cause it to break. The glass used in for frameless enclosures is 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick and is always tempered. This means that the glass is strengthened so it serves as a safety glass. If breakage occurs the glass will shatter into small pieces.

Q: Do all frameless shower doors and enclosures leak?
A:: No. Some showers, based on design, are not prone to leaks at all. For showers that do have leaks, we can attempt to stop them with a wide variety of vinyl wipes and seals that are available to help prevent leakage.

Q: Will a frameless shower door or enclosure work with a steam unit?
A: Yes. The vinyl wipes and seals that aid in preventing leaks also work to seal the unit tight for a steam unit to function.

Q: Does the door swing in or out?
A: The hinge for a frameless door allows the door to swing both in and out. Being the only door on the market that does this helps in the decision for the door location and which way to swing the door.