There was a time when company president, Dustin Anderson, was installing glass full time during the day and keeping the books and making orders at night. Every entrepreneur goes through a time where they are doing everything there is to do to make the business work. Founder and father to Dustin, Earl Anderson went through this time early in his career as well when trying to get the company up and running. During this entrepreneur right of passage, Dustin was constantly working to make his job easier without losing quality of craftsmanship.  Several of these ideas were acted upon and 4 Frameless Shower Installation tools were prototyped and developed.  Those tools were shown to the largest glazing supplier in the world and a royalty agreement was established.  Those tools have been manufactured and distributed worldwide for 6 years now. Dustin says that being an expert in your respective field allows you to advance your trade through ideas and innovation. Giving back to your craft is the ultimate compliment to those that came before you.