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Top 3 Questions about Fixer Upper – Dustin Anderson

While being Waco Famous is kind of a thing, the Fixer Upper effect hasn’t hit me like it has my friends & Artisans from the show like the amazing Clint Harp or the dynamic Jimmy Don Holmes. When people do find out that I am associated with the show I get hit with a lot of questions. Some questions are consistent and others are random and rare. For instance, I was once asked what Chip smells like? For most people that might be an awkward question but you have to remember that I’ve known Chip Gaines for over 10 years now and our bromance is strong…so I answered that question as honestly as I could. Chip smells like a combination of leather and sunshine. Yep, that’s what I said, leather and sunshine.

While the random questions are fun, I did want to share the top three questions I get about the show. These are not in a particular order…

– Does Chip act like that all the time? The answer to this question is always easy and is usually followed with a fun story that takes place when there are not cameras around. Chip is the same “character” that is portrayed on the show. He is energetic, he is funny, he is random and he is…well, he is Chip.

– How amazing is it to work with such a creative force as Joanna Gaines? This question is not as easy to answer as the previous question. Why do ask? (Did you ask why in your head? Good!). Imagine working with someone that has shaped the way people decorate their houses? Imagine working with someone that has made a word like shiplap a common term. Imagine being a creative person yourself and still being amazed at some of the things that pour from the mind of the person you are designing with. That is a lot to put into one simple answer. If I have to short answer this question I just say, “Jo is brilliant. She makes me think outside the box all the time and I love the ability to bring to life the designs she imagines.”

– Whats the best part of working with Magnolia? Again, not an easy answer but for the sake of having to write a book; there is something very special going on in Waco, TX. There is an amazing feeling that comes along with being a part of that. You can’t imagine the level of rad that comes with hearing you’ve been seen on tv in Germany & Italy. I love the relationship I have with Chip & Jo as well as the Magnolia family and the production crew. Everything about the Fixer Upper experience is amazing.